Pre Alpha 69 is now live!

Hi all!

in the last few days we've been pushing a couple of hotfix patches and also a couple of new features:

  • Improved loading times and new loader: we've been working on improving loading times and we made a new loader which is not blocking the full interface. This is due to some usability feedbacks we received. We will test this new setting to see if will work just fine and eventually we will improve the loader!
  • We made some new random encounters and we introduced a new mechanic in which random encounters can now assign a commander mission on some of their outcomes.
  • Ever more UI fixes. Fixing the ui never ends.

That's it! Slowly but steadily we're improving the game and try to consider and use all of your kind feedbacks, THANKS!

And we also wish you a great new year! Have fun and stay safe!

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